About ASP Certified

ASP Certified Produce delivers ‘Healthy Soils, Healthy Foods, and Healthy Communities.

ASP Certified produce delivered under the ASP Certified Standard is tested to ensure no detectable residue of any pesticides are present. The ASP certified products therefore have a similar clean status as organic, with a yield potential comparable to conventional production, maintaining a superior nutritional benefit to the consumer, while drawing down and storing carbon safely in the soil.

The ASP Certified produce is NOT Certified Organic and is not produced to be sold or described as a Certified Organic product. However, great care is taken to ensure that no pesticides are in contact with the plant from grain formation to harvest and through to storage, transport to processing.

ASP Certified understands the relationship between soil and plant health, and in striving to build better soil health and nutrition, we produce healthier plants that are less susceptible to disease and insect attack. Products grown in the way therefore have a reduced reliance on pest control measures and delivers an overall nutritionally superior product to the consumer.

Our Mission

We build and support rural communities by connecting environmentally aware consumers seeking quality produce from Australian family owned farms. This produce delivers a superior, nutrient rich food grown under a defined, auditable Farm Management System which is certified to deliver healthy soils, environments, farming businesses and rural communities.

ASP Standard

The ASP Certified Standard has been developed by passionate farmers, agronomists and natural resource experts have worked tirelessly to create the ASP Certified Standard. The ASP Standard sets out the practises, procedures, prohibited inputs and record keeping requirements that ASP Certified members are required to adhere to, complete and document to produce an agricultural product of a superior nutritional value which continually improves soil health and resilience.

The ASP Certified Standard reporting and documentation assists in taking food safety and traceability further by ensuring that all grain delivered to the processor can be traced back to individual fields of production. This guarantees the end user can access if required the farming history of growers individual fields.

The ASP Standard is a private standard that is aligned to Industry Best Management Practice. The ASP Standard is not available to all farmers but is voluntary to farmers who see value in growing ASP Certified produce under the ASP Standard this makes the ASP Certified Standard unique and exciting and sets a new level in regenerative agricultural production.

The ASP Certified producers are active not only throughout the grains industry but also grazing, horticultural and viticultural sectors. Our farming network is now currently working right across Australia and several Asian Countries to assist with soil health and crop management.

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