Imagine tearing open a crusty, sticky, fresh sourdough roll for lunch today, knowing that you are also helping local farming communities and sustaining the planet. Hard to believe but it’s possible to get such not so humble bread at Infinity Bakeries.

Located at Paddington and Darlinghurst, Sydney, Infinity have been using Certified Sustainable flour from Wholegrain Milling in their bread for 4 months now, and can tell the difference.

“We really like the flour” says owner William Petersen, “we are using it mainly in our artisan sourdoughs, and it’s performing well”.

But it’s the sustainable credentials that have really sold Infinity on this new flour from Wholegrain Milling. “Our customers are very interested in where their food comes from, and the whole supply chain. The Certified Sustainable flour comes from farming families, who protect the environment, without harmful chemicals. We believe that our customers are very interested in the thought and love that goes into our products”.

The Certified Sustainable grains are produced by growers who subscribe to a soil nutrient program developed through Australian Soil Planners, growers come from across Australia. As part of the Australian Sustainable Product certification, these farmers have an annual audit, and each harvest is tested, so consumers can be assured that there are no pesticides or herbicides present. The ASP Certified Standard also prohibits GMOs and ensures the soil is kept healthy through conservation farming methods.

Will is currently baking baguettes, dinner rolls, tin loaves and levain batard with the flour “The bread retains a sweetness from the natural grains through the baking process, giving a nice finishing flavour on top of the sourdough process. The crumb structure is really nice and the bread forms a nice golden crust, unlike other highly processed flours”.

Further information on ASP Certified can be obtained at:

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