Gunnedah’s Wholegrain Milling Company is proud to announce their new range of Certified Sustainable Grown products, which will complement their renowned range of Certified Organic grains and flours.

Healthy, nutritious food grown in a truly sustainable manner is of paramount importance to all environmentally educated consumers. Australian Soil Planners (ASP) is a progressive group of farmers and soil experts who have developed an exciting new system of agriculture which achieves exactly this. ASP has discovered innovative ways to drastically reduce reliiance on synthetic pesticides and fertilisers simply by enhancing the natural elements that produce healthy and resilient soils. Now, there is a documented and audited process that ensures the best of the best of this agricultural produce is now identifiable in the marketplace.

“More and more Australian growers are joining the rapidly expanding numbers of sustainable producers, who strive to ensure environmental health, economic profitability, and social and economic equity well into the future.” said Craig Neale, Wholegrain’s Managing Director. “An exhaustive and reputable audit process has been set in place which can assure our clients of genuine healthful foods, with full certification and security of authenticity. Farmers and scientists are working together to facilitate and expand sustainable production, and continually improve product quality.” he continued.

Certified produce delivered under the ASP Standard is tested to ensure no detectable residue of any pesticides is present, producing grain with a similar clean status as organic, with a yield potential comparable to conventional production, whilst maintaining a superior nutritional benefit to the consumer.

“At ASP we understand the relationship between soil and plant health, and the importance of building better soil health and nutrition to produce healthier plants that are less susceptible to disease and insect attack.” said Matthew Barnes, ASP Agronomist. “Grain produced under this system therefore has a reduced reliance on pest control measures and delivers an overall nutritionally superior product to the consumer.” Matthew concluded.

Wholegrain Milling offers customised and traceable products, produced through organic, biodynamic and sustainable agricultural practices, and has access to a vast network of Australia-wide producers that will ensure year-round product availability.

For further enquiries, please contact Craig and Renee Neale on 02 6742 3939 or

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