Certified Growers

ASP Certified growers work with nature. They follow nature’s patterns, but are grounded in science. They create environments for diversity to flourish in the soils they work with and are incredibly observant. They believe that being a farmer is to be a steward of the land and they act to regenerate it.

Family Farmers

Products grown under the ASP Certified Standard and managed by these farmers are free from residues, GMO’s, and are climate-friendly.

The ASP Certified Standard takes a further step, using our quality program to ensure that all products can be traced back to individual fields of production. This guarantees a processor can access if required, the farming history of growers fields.

The Standard is aligned to Industry Best Management Practice and works on the basis of continual improvement. It is outcomes-focused and not prescriptive, as nature cant be managed with a “one size fits all” program. The ASP Certified Standard is a private Standard.

Humane husbandry

The passion and commitment within the ASP Certified group, has driven on and off-farm research and development which has created practical solutions to many modern agricultural dilemmas that dominate conventional farming. The ASP Certified growing method is unique and exciting; and has set a new level in agricultural production.

Our ASP Certified growers are the best of the best in agriculture.

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