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Farmers and Agronomists have worked tirelessly to create the ASP Standard, which sets out the practices, procedures, prohibited inputs and record keeping requirements that our farmers must adhere to, complete and document to produce an agricultural product of a superior nutritional value, and improved soil health and longevity.

Products grown under the ASP Certified Standard are sustainably grown and we believe are superior in nutritional density to both organically and conventionally grown crops.

The ASP Certified Standard reporting and documentation takes food safety and traceability further by ensuring that all grain delivered to the processer can be traced back to individual fields of production. This guarantees the processor can access, if required, the farming history of growers fields.

The ASP Certified Standard is aligned to Industry Best Management Practice and is not available to all farmers or released to the broader grain growing industry. The ASP Certified Standard is a private Standard, as aspects of the sustainable production systems give our farmers measurable benefits. The passion and commitment within the ASP certified group has driven on farm research and development which has created practical solutions to modern agricultural dilemmas that dominate conventional farming methods. The ASP Certified growing method is unique and exciting; this standard has set a new level in agricultural production.

ASP Certified producers are active, not only throughout the Grains Industry, but also Grazing, Horticultural and Viticultural Industries, and projects are in progress in several Asian countries to assist with soil health and crop management.

Our farmers have made the decision to participate in the ASP Certified Program are required to conform to the ASP Certified Standard. They are required to commit to a declaration verifying their compliance, undergo annual auditing, mandatory crop testing and grain testing prior to any produce leaving the property labelled as ASP Certified. The testing is completed on a crop by crop and field by field basis.

Growers complying with the ASP Certified program are the best of the best in agriculture.

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