We Are Community

Regenerative agricultural practices have far-reaching effects and benefits across all levels of the community.


The ASP Certified system provides better control over natural resource management,  access to an emerging and growing ‘green’ market, both domestic and international, greater efficiencies, and reductions in farm costs.


On a regional scale, regenerative farming practices contribute to achieving natural resource management targets and assists to maintain the viability of local and regional communities.



Regenerative practices improve the farm’s capacity to handle and survive adversity, and maintain productivity whilst conserving important landscape features and natural resources. Farmers will benefit through greater nutrient efficiency management techniques and plant testing methodologies.

The ASP Certified Standard captures the best of modern farming methods whilst taking on a more holistic approach that encompasses Soil Health, Environmental Health, Farmer Viability, and Community Resilience.


Australian Family Farmers


Our Farmers are Australian family farmers. When you buy a product displaying the ASP Certified label, you are helping rural communities prosper. Farmers contribute to the social network of rural and regional Australia, and willingly contribute a percentage of their ASP Certified produce sales to go back into their local regions by developing community benefit funds, with the first of these funds to be released in early 2016 in the Gilgandra region of central New South Wales.

Image credit: B Brooker