Soil Stewardship

Certified farmers: The Currant Family

Certified farmers: The Breen Family

We Build Soil


Regenerative agricultural practices involve a variety of targeted farming approaches, underpinned by science, with the recognition that soil health is the basis of all agricultural production systems. Our growers understand that increasing biology, repairing deficiencies, and remediating toxicities in the soils will result in the production of stronger, healthier plants that require fewer inputs including fertilisers and pesticides.


Working With Nature


This restorative farming program is designed to enhance farm resilience and economic stability through regenerating soil. The Certified Sustainable farming method is based on soil science replacing costly synthetic fertilisers with natural and biological ones and focusing on creating an environment that enhances biological diversity and the relationships between plants and the soil microbiome.

Our growers utilize nature itself to assist them in developing a soil nutritional program on a field by field/crop by crop basis, which is key to thier success.


Holistic Approach


It delivers nutrient-rich food with the added benefits of being produced under a farming system that encompasses the belief that healthy soils build healthy farms, which build healthy thriving communities and environments.


A Sustainable Alternative to Traditional Farming  and Organic Farming Systems


Positioned between modern conventional farming that employs a synthetic fertiliser program aimed solely at yield, and not accounting for biological disruption, and an organic farming system that prohibits a range of inputs but uses soil-destroying tillage as their main crop preparation and weed suppression tool.  The Certified Sustainable system is focused on building the whole of soil health, using safe natural inputs and modern scientific techniques.


Tested Residue Free


Produce delivered under the Certified Standard is tested to ensure no detectable residue of over 270 pesticides. Certified Sustainable food, therefore, produces grain with a similar clean status as organic, with a yield potential comparable to conventional production, whilst regenerating soil and maintaining a superior nutritional benefit to the consumer.

The Certified Sustainable produce is NOT Certified ORGANIC and is not produced to be sold or described as a Certified ORGANIC product.


Focus on Soil Health


We understand the important relationship between soil and plant health and in building better soil health and nutrition we produce healthier plants that are less susceptible to disease and insect attack, reducing the reliance on conventional synthetic treatments.

Certified Sustainable produce is grown to meet stringent Standards, with the Certification Trade Mark recognised by ACCC.

Produce labeled with the certification mark indicates that it has passed the stringent practices outlined in our standard. This ensures the produce is grown to deliver environmental and soil outcomes, balanced with economic and social ones.  Testing of the grain has shown a superior nutritional density to both conventional as well as organically grown produce tested. The certification audit process checks on on-farm hygiene,  record keeping, and quality programs based on ISO 9001:2015’s continual improvement, as well as soil health checks, and social wellbeing.  Annual third-party auditing and MRL testing of all products allows end-users of Certified Sustainable to be assured of its residue free status and the quality system gives the ability to trace the source of their product back to an individual grower’s paddock.