ASP Certified, It’s Better!

75% less

The University of Queensland found we have 75% fewer emissions than conventional grains and cereals.

Chemical Free Food

Tested chemical free of over 270 residues including Round Up


Independently tested Non GMO compliant

Nutrient Dense Food

Annual nutrient testing of certified produce

Humane husbandry

Free range, pasture raised animals raised by attentive and caring farmers

ASP Certified Delivers Healthy Soils, Healthy Food, and Healthy Communities.


ASP Certified produce is tested to ensure it is: Residue-Free, Non-GMO and independent emissions calculations on our wheat show 75% fewer Green House Gas emissions than conventional production.

We continue to test our certified products to ensure that we deliver food of the highest quality that is nutrient-dense, and monitor our farmer’s soils to ensure the practices in place, are building soil.

ASP Certified farmers understand and nurture the relationship between soil and plant health. They know that by building better soil health and nutrition, they produce healthier plants that are less susceptible to disease and insect attack.


What does this mean for you?


It means we deliver a fully traceable product with no nasties, but even better than that, you can be sure that the way our farmers are managing their land is environmentally friendly, sequestering carbon, building diversity, and an overall nutritionally superior product for you.

Our Mission


We build relationships and partner with Australian farmers and businesses who have sustainability and regeneration at their core values.  Enabling them to supply fully traceable, clean, nutritious food, grown in a way that nurtures diversity and natural fertility in the soil to consumers that care about their food, their health, their environment, and the community as a whole.

ASP Standard


The ASP Certified Standard has been developed by passionate farmers, agronomists, and natural resource experts has been in continuous use since 2015, and is recognised by ACCC as a Certification Trade Mark (CTM)

The Standard sets out the desired outcomes and outlines the principles and values that the certification is based on. It is a descriptive, not prescriptive standard, as we are outcome-focused.