Frequently asked questions

Q. Does the ASP Certified wheat really emit 75% fewer Green House Gas emissions?

A. No, the calculator found that our growers actually emit 80% fewer Green House Gas emissions, but we thought we should err on the side of caution with our statements.

Please find the summary from University of Queensland poster-2…/summary-report-for-carbon-wheat-crop-calculator-project.pdf


Q. What do your residue tests cover?

A. We have our grains tested for over 270 analytes (that’s lab-speak for residues and their broken-down parts) at NATA certified laboratories and yes, we test to be clean of Glyphosate (Round Up) and its derivatives as well. symbio-certificate-of-analysis-100253-100254-b952259-r00


Q. How do you know that your farmers are building soil?

A. Soil structure, the ability to effectively soak in and hold onto moisture, the ability to reduce and remove synthetic fertilisers, increased worm activity, increased fungal activity, faster incorporation of ground litter are all indicators of improved soil.


Q. Is ASP Certified another Organic standard?

A. No. We are not certified organic. We do test for more than twice residues organic tests for though.