Why ASP Certified benefits you, the farmers that grow it and the land it is grown on.

ASP Certified is a certification built from the soil up, by farmers, agroecologists and soil professionals in response to the degradation they saw on their land, in their communities, and impacting their businesses, through the “Best Practice” agricultural advice from leading bodies and institutions.

Our certified farmers and processors are truly passionate about and committed to the regeneration of the agricultural lands they are stewards of, and the nutritional quality of the food delivered to you. It’s grown with careful attention, with a focus to work with and enhance natural cycles, while monitoring to ensure it meets the key outcomes: good for the soil, good for the plants and animals grown, good for the farmer, and importantly, good for you and the wider community.

It’s the mark that can be trusted to bring you food grown while regenerating soil, has been continually producing ASPC Certified sustainable grains since 2015, and is truly climate-friendly.

The ASP Certified standard provides an independently audited food production and processing framework that ensures food produced under our brand delivers on community expectations based on globally benchmarked standards. Our products are tested at independent laboratories and we work with recognised soil and environmental experts to verify our claims. We work with nature, but monitor our performance using the ISO 9001:2015 quality system of continual improvement, an independently audited certification program, and science.